Homebrew: Galaxy IPA

I just started using BeerSmith software to design my beer recipes, and one of the features I appreciate is the ability to export my recipes in BeerXML format. After some digging around, I found Derek Springer’s BeerXML Shortcode plugin (v. 0.1.1) for WordPress. It seems to work fine, but I may have to dig into the code to modify the display, both styles and fields. For example, I’d rather display measured rather than estimated gravities.

Here’s my last homebrew of 2012, an American IPA with Galaxy hops for flavor and aroma. Galaxy is a high alpha, dual purpose hop from Australia with a citrus/passionfruit aroma. “Dual purpose” means that it is good for both bittering and aroma, although in this case I used Warrior for bittering and Galaxy for aroma.

BeerXML file for Galaxy IPA

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