CSA: Week 2

CSA half share for week 2

CSA half share for week 2

We picked up our weekly half share from Heartland Farms on Saturday morning after an early walk on the Clear Creek Trail with our dog Miles. So let’s see what we have here…. More spinach, asparagus, and rhubarb. The first two are no problem, but I’m going to have to search the Googlesphere for some interesting rhubarb dishes. We can’t be having strawberry-rhubarb tart every week (can we?).

I unwittingly bought salad greens yesterday, so it looks like a salad-heavy week ahead. Juliana might be taking salad to work for lunch.  😀 I also bought a bunch of radishes, so lots of radishes on those salads. Hmmm, I remember someone in my Google+ food circle pickling radishes. Yesterday I smoked a pork shoulder for a friend’s party today, and I kept some back thinking we’d have pulled pork tacos this week. Pickled radishes would be a nice accompaniment.

I haven’t used mustard greens much, so I’ll have to poke around for a dish. And then there’s the mint, which makes me think of mint-chocolate ice cream. We’re running low on homemade strawberry ice cream, and I do like having ice cream around during the warmer months. Then again, mojitos are also a nice way to beat the heat.

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