CSA: Week 5

CSA half share for week 5

CSA half share for week 5

This week’s CSA share has lots of familiar veggies, although this is the first appearance of Swiss chard this year. The braising greens look like they might be beet greens. Kohlrabi is new to our table. Apparently it’s a German favorite, kohl being German for cabbage and rabi meaning turnip, which aptly describes this descendant of wild cabbage. We could peel it and shave it onto the spring salad mix along with some radishes from our garden. We could roast it, maybe with some Brussels sprouts. But I think we might try this recipe for kohlrabi fritters.

We still have strawberry ice cream made from last week’s share, so maybe these strawberries will go into yogurt smoothies for breakfast this week. Tonight we’re sauteing the spinach with garlic and red onion to accompany grilled pork loin. We’re going to throw those green onions on the grill too, to remind us of the cebollitas we had in Mexico. So far we’ve done a good job of eating everything in our weekly share, but it will be interesting to see how well we do at the peak of the season.


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