CSA: Week 8

I’m working on a couple of posts about BrewZaPalooza, our big homebrew and pizza bash this past weekend, but in the meantime another week has passed and we have a new CSA share. We did well with last week’s share. I think we have a few green onions and cucumbers left. No photos of dishes from the week. I planned to make a cucumber cordial, but we’re out of vodka (gasp!) so that’s been put off until this week. Some friends sampled the rhubarb cordial and pronounced it delicious, so I think cordials are definitely trending here.

CSA half share for week 8

CSA half share for week 8

So let’s see, new this week are red potatoes, wax beans, and beets. More Napa cabbage, Swiss chard, cucumbers, and miscellaneous squash. Juliana has already roasted the beets, which I can’t learn to like no matter how they’re prepared. She’s craving curry, so we’ll probably make a meal of vegetables in curry. She also used most of the cabbage to make more kimchi.

Andouille sausages

Andouille sausages

In preparation for BrewZaPalooza, last week I fired up the smoker to finish some andouille sausages that Juliana and I made. As long as I had it going, I also smoked a large salmon filet, a whole chicken, and a few poblano peppers. Some of the sausages and chicken went on pizzas, and the salmon was part of a pasta salad. After we get home from the gym this evening, I’m going to stuff those smoked poblanos with homemade Italian sausage and cheese for dinner.

Garden update: the tomato and pepper plants are really producing. We already pulled an heirloom off the vine and a few jalapenos, plus we just picked enough green beans for a meal and the radishes are still going strong.

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