CSA: Week 10

Another week, another half share from Heartland Family Farms! Let’s see what we’ll be eating this week….

CSA half share for week 10

CSA half share for week 10

There are a few new items: fennel, broccoli, and green tomatoes. We’re getting full of cabbage, so we’re hoping it’s near the end of its cycle. Two weeks ago we got red potatoes and put them to good use. We roasted them and used some for hand pie fillings. The rest we spritzed with some oil and put on the grill for a side dish.

If the weather weren’t so hot, we might whip up a leek and potato soup. Instead, we’re thinking about pairing the leeks and fennel with salmon for dinner. We eat a lot of broccoli, so the little bit that we have here will be gone before you know it. We’re getting a lot of green beans from our garden, and Juliana has been quick pickling them. And I can’t see green tomatoes without thinking about covering them in panko and frying them.

So that’s what’s in store for this week. Last Saturday I stewarded at a beer competition (and a couple of my beers won awards!), so the next couple of posts will probably be about that experience.

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